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Cellar Cooling

Hubbard produces a complete range of refrigeration systems for all types of beer and wine cellar. These include several high performance systems as well as cost effective and reliable refrigeration, for the pub tenant or the largest pub operator. All our refrigeration systems use environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

Through The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, Hubbard customers can claim full capital allowances against their qualifying year tax assessment for purchase and installation costs of Carbon Trust approved energy-saving equipment.


In addition to Hubbard’s comprehensive range of refrigeration systems they also produce two money saving units in the form of the Hubbard ATU Air Transfer Unit which circulates cool exterior air into the cellar area to reduce the need for cellar conditioning, and the Hubbard HR Heat Recovery unit that captures waste heat produced by cellar conditioning compressors and condensers, converting it into a viable source of hot water for heating or washing.


To assist you in selecting the ideal cellar cooling system click here to access Hubblink the Refrigeration and Beer Cellar load calculator with automatic linking to interactive databases for selection of optimum cooling solutions.

Fast, easy to use, industry approved software system with a more than 30 year pedigree.  Saving time and money and helping you select the ideal solution.’

Let one of our consultants understand your needs to find the perfect solution.

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