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ECA Qualifying Cellar Coolers & Cool Storage Systems

Cost-effective cooling for wines, beers and other perishable retail products including: fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.


Hubbard LITEAIR ECA Qualifying system is designed to energy-efficiently chill cellars and perishable goods storage areas.


Suitable for a wide range of products it is ideal for the storage of barreled beers and bottled beverages.

Designed for quietness the condensing unit is housed in a self-healing smart steel case for internal or external mounting. The evaporator can be wall or roof mounted and contains the system’s tamper-proof temperature controller.

A heating option is available where cellar conditioning is required for the correct storage of cask conditioned ales.

Condensing unit

  • 3.4Kw

Stainless steel evaporator

  • electronic [e] or

  • mechanical [m]

Optional factory fitted heater


Technical information:

Condenser model Dimensions (mm)
Width (A) Height (B) Depth (C) Weight (Kg)
LC100 720 610 250 42
Evaporator Dimensions (mm)
Width (A) Height (B) Depth (C) Weight (Kg)
LE100 805 450 475 27
Model Electrical Supply
v/ph/hz Flc Lrc Hre fuse
LC100 230/1/50 6.58 34 10
Model Total cooling duty(1) Refrigerant Optional electric heater Airflow Noise Level Connections Pipe run max.
12.7°C(2) 5°C(1) 3.5°C(2)
kW kW kW m3/s NR(3) Suct o/d Liquid o/d m
LE100 3.4 2.7 R410a 1.5 0.62 57 5/8″ 1/4″ 25
LC100 3.4 2.7 R410a 0.45 48 5/8″ 1/4″

(1) For operating temperatures below 8°C use Electronic Controller only (Not Electro mechanical control option). (2) AB internal. (3) NR level free field at 2m (internal) and
3m (external). (4) Air throw – LE75E – 7.5m; LE100E – 12m; LE150E – 12m; LE200E – 13.5m approximate. (5) Unit duty rated at 27°C external.

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