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PEEC Control Mode – Patented* control program.

Continually matches condensing temperature in relation to suction pressure for significant energy savings and low noise fan speed control.

The Zenith Range Control Units

All Hubbard ‘HZ’ ranges incorporate a unique electronic board designed specifically for operation of a refrigeration unit, the Controller uses transducers as well as a temperature probe to provide the most up to date control system currently available. Simple to install with pre-set parameters and functions never seen before on a condensing unit, the HZ board is unique to Hubbard*.


The Control board can operate in two modes:

Mode A

Standard Fan Speed control with low ambient setback provides a reduced level of fan noise at low load / ambient conditions. Combined with the option of the maximum speed being reduced via an input from an ambient sensing temperature probe this system provides the best solution for noise sensitive sites.

Mode B

PEEC™ Performance Enhanced Electronic Control* operation provides the system with a sophisticated fan speed control which allows the unit to operate when achievable at the optimum condensing temperature in relation to its evaporating temperature without jeopardizing liquid quality to the expansion valve.
• Pre-configured parameters for pump-down operation, reduce set up time on site
• In built compressor protection to maximise component life expectancy, including anti-cycle and phase rotation sensing
• The control board has the facility to connect to external BMS / monitoring systems via a set of volt free NO/NC contacts to register a fault status such as HP failure or phase rotation

Performance Enhancing Electronic Control

• *PEEC™ ensures that the optimum efficiency is gained from the system without compromise
• *PEEC™ is selectable and fully automatic in operation, all set points are configured whatever the application