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Trailer Refrigeration

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Hubbard provides a wide range of alternator & diesel driven units for truck & trailer applications, with either front-mounted or undermount condensing units.

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The HG Range incorporates flexible, high powered units which combine reliability and economic whole of life costs with low environmental impact.

TransportHG Truck Range

The HG Range™ of electrically driven refrigeration systems are specifically designed for the transportation of fresh and frozen produce in larger, suitably insulated vehicles.

These powerful units offer an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel powered systems.

The system is driven using a powerful three phase alternator, that is mounted within the engine compartment and belt driven from the crankshaft. This offers a quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly option to diesel driven systems and will also reduce the amount of servicing required.The system is operated by the easy to use, digital controller that is fully programmable and will provide a constant temperature readout.

The HG Range™ is available in four models that will provide cooling from 7kW at 0°c/4kW at -20°c to 11.5kW at 0°c/7kW at -20°c.

These models employ a semi-hermetic compressor – 3hp, 4hp, 5hp, 7.5hp & 10hp – that will operate at between 150 to 500 volts. Each system features automatic electric defrost, ensuring rapid clearance of frost build-up.

The HG Range™ system comprises a weatherproof, plastic covered condensing unit coupled to a slimline evaporator, an alternator (with mount kit compatible to your vehicle), a digital controller and installation/operating guides. Optional accessories available are, undermount condensing unit, temperature data logger & systems linked to eutectic beams.

  • Electrically driven – more environmentally friendly and reduced running costs
  • Stylish weatherproof housing
  • Slimline evaporator section
  • Robust, purpose built alternator
  • Standby options available
  • Low noise levels
  • Nationwide service cover

Let one of our consultants understand your needs to find the perfect solution.

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