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Econ-O-Mate is a simple and cost effective heat recovery device that recycles heat created when commercial refrigeration or cooling equipment is operating and converts it into hot water for heating and washing.
By reclaiming heat created in the refrigeration/cooling process water can be heated to temperatures as high as 50°C for use in on site heating and washing systems. The Hubbard Econ-O-Mate system is a compact unit that not only saves energy and of course the cost of that energy, but improves the efficiency of the refrigeration or cooling system, especially when the ambient temperature is high.



• Reduced heating costs through recycling waste heat
• Reduced refrigeration operating costs through the consumption of less electrical power
• Reduced system wear and tear saving refrigeration maintenance costs
• Reduced physical carbon emissions created by service engineers travelling to and from locations
• Reduced carbon emissions at the point of electricity generation through reduced overall consumption
• Uses a simple, double pipe principle with the heat exchanger fitted between the compressor and the condenser
• Fits any cellar cooling, remote refrigeration or air conditioning unit
• Factory fitted to Hubbard units up to 7.5HP or can be retro-fitted to other manufacturers up to the same HP.
• Low noise, compact and unobtrusive unit,


Econ-O-Mate capitalises on the basic principles of refrigeration. Most refrigeration and air conditioning systems extract heat in an evaporator coil by evaporating liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant vapour is then compressed which increases pressure and produces heat. The superheated refrigerant vapour then passes to a condenser where heat is extracted and the refrigerant liquifies again for re-use.

The Econ-O-Mate system uses a simple, double pipe principle, heat exchanger fitted between the compressor and the condenser. Heat, which is normally wasted, is recovered and used to heat water.

The Econ-O-Mate system can be used to boost traditional heating or hot water systems, is compact and easy to install, has few moving parts, is quiet, visually unobtrusive and is designed to recover the cost of purchase and installation in less than two years in an average sized installation.

Econ-O-Mate is available factory fitted to Hubbard units up to 7.5HP or can be retro-fitted to other manufacturers up to the same HP.

Hubbard recommends a fan speed controller be fitted to the condensing units to increase winter performance.

Survey advised.

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