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A high performance cellar conditioning system for the quality conscious
hospitality, leisure, entertainment sectors and users where temperature
controlled consistency and reduced running costs are critical.

The UK’s first Energy Technology List approved manufacturer.

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The Hubbard ‘Premium’ range features the latest design technology, guaranteeing both performance and energy efficiency resulting in reduced running costs.

Premium condensing units are housed in weatherproofed housings for maximum outdoor durability and matched to an indoor evaporator operating R407C Refrigerant.

This new system is ideally suited for both new and replacement cellar installations. Designed for all year round temperature control the Premium system offers cooling and heating as standard.

The plastic coated housing constructed from ‘self healing smart steel’ reduces weight whilst minimising corrosion, ensuring extended life. With easy-access split panels, maintenance times are reduced and health and safety risks are minimised.

The condensing unit can be ground or flat roof mounted and features quick release panels for ease of access.

The unit can be wall mounted using Hubbard ‘Premium’ brackets.

The evaporator can be either wall or roof mounted and contains a tamper proof electronic digital read out controller for trouble free operation.

• ECA Approved
• Choice of 14 units
• For cellars from 10 m3 to 200 m3
• Energy efficient for lower running costs
• Cooling/heating as standard
• Reduced noise levels
• Digital environmental control
• Twin evaporator option available
• Top quality components
• Simple design for ease of maintenance
• Full Hubbard technical support service
• Optional acoustic kit

The System

The Hubbard PREMIUM system is a true temperature control system, with cooling and heating fitted as standard for conditioning of beer and wine in cellars. The equipment comprises of a slim external condensing unit which can be wall or ground level mounted, matched to an efficient evaporator for placement within the cellar which can be ceiling or wall mounted.

The Range

Hubbard PREMIUM cellar cooling systems are offered in varying capacities from 2.93 kW to 13.24 kW R407C refrigerant operation. Systems are available in single phase up to a nominal 7.1 kW utilising R407C, and above this larger systems revert to three phase operation.

Twin Evaporator Options

Options for twin evaporator configurations are available for the larger models for installation where adequate air distribution is not achievable with a single evaporator system. These ensure that the cellar space has an even temperature throughout for optimum temperature control. The twin installation utilises a ‘Master’ evaporator equipped with the temperature controller and a ‘Slave’ section which requires a 5 core interconnecting cable for power / control transfer. For twin cellar area operation refer to Hubbard Technical.

The Condensing Unit Section

The Hubbard PREMIUM unit is designed for external placement and is finished in a light grey Plastisol ‘self healing’ smart steel for long service, it can be floor or wall mounted with the optional wall mounting kit. Its slim design makes it ideal for situations where space is limited and this also reduces the visual impact of the installation. The access panels are easily removable for service of the main components – Scroll (R407C) compressor, condenser coil with sickle bladed fan for quiet operation, liquid receiver, filter drier and sight-glass, HP/LP dual pressure adjustable safety / control switch, compressor starter gear and incoming supply isolator.

The Evaporator Section

The Hubbard PREMIUM evaporator consists of a white metal-cased enclosure which can be ceiling mounted as standard or wall mounted with the optional wall mounting bracket kit. They are supplied readily assembled with a thermostatic expansion valve, electric air heater (with
overheat protection) and the Electronic temperature controller which operates a solenoid coil for pump-down operation. The pump-down control system negates the need for interconnecting cables between evaporator and condensing unit.

The Electronic Temperature Controller

At the heart of the Hubbard PREMIUM range is the electronic controller which offers true conditioning of the cellar utilising the heating and cooling provided to maintain a pre-set temperature. The temperature range can be set between 7ºC and 14ºC and the controller can indicate in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit. The controller is simple to use, yet incorporates many safety features including compressor anti-cycle
protection for increased compressor life expectancy, making this an excellent choice for installation where longevity is important. Fitted within the evaporator and combined with the set point range the controller is both tamperproof and resilient against too low a set point reducing unnecessary service call outs.

Condensing unit Features:

• System Isolator.
• Fuse Protection.
• Scroll compressor (R407C)
• Crankcase Heater.
• Compressor contactor with over-current protection.
• Sickle bladed condenser fan/s.
• Liquid receiver with service valve and Temperature Relief Valve.
• Refrigerant drier and sight-glass.
• HP/LP dual pressure switch.
• Compressor service valves.

Evaporator Section Features:

• Temperature controller with digital display.
• Fused component protection.
• Thermostatic expansion valve.
• Air heater with overheat protection.
• Liquid line solenoid valve for pump-down operation.

Systems options:

• Condensing unit wall brackets.
• Evaporator wall brackets.
• Variable fan speed control.
• Accoustic option for R407C systems.
• Oil Separator for extended pipe-runs.


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