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Lite 150 R407C

The Hubbard ‘Lite’ features all the latest design technology and Hubbard test facilities ensuring guaranteed performance figures.

The ‘Lite’ comprises of a weatherproof housed condensing unit (outdoor unit) matched to an evaporator (indoor unit), operating on R407C Refrigerant.

The new system is ideally suited for both new and replacement cellar installations.

Designed for quietness of operation the condensing unit section incorporates the latest quiet running sickle bladed fan technology. The plastic coated housing which is ‘self healing smart steel’ reduces weight whilst minimising corrosion, ensuring extended life. The condensing unit is suitable for ground / flat roof mounting and features quick release panels for ease of access. It can also be wall mounted with the addition of Hubbard ‘Lite’ brackets.

The evaporator can either be wall or roof mounted and contains the system temperature controller which is tamper proof, allowing trouble-free operation. Heating option is available where cask conditioned ale is stored.

Ambient Temp. Duty (kW) at given cellar temperature Maximum recommended room volume (m3) at given cellar temperature. Recommended line sizes for maximum 20m run*
7℃ 10℃ 13℃ 7℃ 10℃ 13℃ Suction Liquid
27℃ 4.82 5.10 5.50 59 80 114 3/4″ 3/8″
32℃ 4.57 4.84 5.21 45 58 80
38℃ 4.26 4.57 4.87 34 44 57

To assist you in selecting the ideal cellar cooling system click here to access Hubblink the Refrigeration and Beer Cellar load calculator with automatic linking to interactive databases for selection of optimum cooling solutions.

Fast, easy to use, industry approved software system with a more than 30 year pedigree.  Saving time and money and helping you select the ideal solution.’