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Eutectic Box Body Refrigeration

Hubbard Eutectic System – Transport Refrigeration Unit for deep frozen and ice cream applications


  • Assured refrigeration performance with total reliability
  • Superfast temperature pulldown to -30°C
  • Perfect for multi-drop door openings
  • Unique beam design offers maximum surface area
  • Non toxic gel filling will not leak
  • Fan controlled options for chill applications
  • Low noise levels
  • Nationwide service cover


Hubbard Eutectic GPE™ systems are designed to operate in vehicles that have been suitably insulated for fresh or frozen produce transportation.

For fresh applications (from 0°C) the beams are mounted inside a chamber which is separate from the main load compartment. Air from the load compartment is cooled on demand by circulating it through the chamber with a thermostatically controlled fan.

For frozen applications (down to -30°C) the beams are mounted, within the loadspace, on the roof or wall of the vehicle as required.

The condensing unit is connected to a mains power supply and left to run for eight to twelve hours (usually overnight to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates). During this period, the beams freeze progressively until they are all solid and the set point is reached – the mains power supply is then disconnected and deliveries can begin. After charging, the compartment will maintain constant refrigeration until the next charge is due.

Hubbard Eutectic GPE™ systems are available with a choice of seven beam lengths and six condensing units, making it a completely flexible system that can be applied to a wide variety of vehicles and applications.

Each beam system comprises a recommended number of beams, a mains powered condensing unit, all necessary pipework, a thermostatic controller and installation/operating guides.